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Colorado River Indian Tribes Homeland Security Office Announces Process for Updating CRIT's Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Initiated [Flyer]
CRIT Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan For Review




CRIT Tribal Complex Administrative Calendar October 2018.

Notice to the Tribal Membership from the CRIT Enrollment Department Re: 2018 TRIBAL DISTRIBUTION
In order to qualify for the December 1, 2018 Tribal Distribution deadline date, all enrollment
applications must be received by August 27, 2018 by 5:00 p.m.  If you do not submit your
enrollment applications by the deadline date your child will not be eligible to receive the
2018 Tribal Distribution in December.
For further information or questions concerning this matter please contact the
Enrollment Department at (928) 669-1240; 1241 or 1304. 

The following are notices to the Tribal Membership released August 23, 2018 by the CRIT Enrollment Office:
If you have any questions please contact them at (928) 669-1240.

*Current enrolled tribal membership 4,457 as of September 7, 2018.

Congratulations to Chairman Patch and Councilman Drennan, completing the Colorado River Indian

Tribal Council 2018 L-R: Treasurer Granthum Stevens, newly seated Councilman Tommy Drennan,
Councilman Johnny Hill Jr., Vice-Chairman Keith Moses, Chairman Dennis Patch, Councilman
Robert "Bobby" Page, Councilman Herman "T.J." Laffoon, Councilman Johnson "J.D." Fisher and
Secretary Amelia Flores.

First Things First Regional Director Hualapai Tribe Regional Partnership Council - OPEN UNTIL FILLED

Notice of Public Hearings on Proposed Ordinance to Amend the Colorado River Indian Tribes Children's Code

Notice of Public Hearings on Proposed Ordinance to Amend the Colorado River Indian Tribes Law and Order Code
Article 6. Traffic Control and Operation of Vehicles

Press Release Re: S.S. v. Colorado River Indian Tribes

Congratulations to our very own Mariah Jordan Sharpe the newly crowned 56th Miss Indian Arizona!
To read more of the Miss Indian Arizona Association press release go to:

Notice of Public Hearing
On a Proposed Ordinance to amend the Government Code to add a new Article 3.
Endowment Investment Fund

Proposed Draft Code
Government Code Article 3
Endowment Investment Fund

Updated Tuesday, September 11, 2018.
Notice to Update Addresses to All CRIT Tribal Members

The following CRIT Tribal members need to contact the CRIT Enrollment office to update their mailing addresses
as soon as possible. If you have any questions you may direct them to their staff at (928) 669-1240, 1241 or 1304. 
Thank you.

Matthew Aguirre Enas

Monica Alvarez

Leisa Amador

Derrick Ameelyenah Jr.

Raul Anderson

Tamara Anderson

Mickey Anderson

Angel Andrade

Andrew Aspa

Derek Baker

Lawrence Bautista

Leroy Bedell

Judy Beeson

Thelma Begay

Jacquelyn Bloxham

Aaron Booth

Alec Booth

Bree Booth

Flora Booth

Sharon Bow

Gloria Bryan

Traci Burley

Larson Burns

Louis Burns

Ronald Burton Jr.

Ronald Burton Sr.

Cam Byestewa

Annie Carlyle

Katherine Carlyle

Joseph Carrillo

Christal Chavez

Maria Chavez

Talia Chavez

Frazell Chee Sr.

Lisa Cook

Rhonda Cooper

Janice Cox

Jaren Cuellar

Ricky Davidson

Concetta Davis

Hope Davis

Parrish Davis

Timothy Davis

Clarence Degner

Joseph Degner

Rosanne Delgado

Aaron Denny

Erisa Deysie

Sara Dickinson

Ronald Dock

Aaron Drennan

Clorinda Drennan

Echeo Drennan

Eric Drennan

Javen Drennan

Meghan Drennan

Nathan Drennan

Rene Drennan

Toni Drennan

Gerald Eddy

Rebecca Edmonds

Tyler Ellsbury

Bryan Enas

Jordan Esquerra

Blanchard Eswonia

Michael Eswonia

Bow Evanston

Christal Evanston

Quentin Fernandez

Andren Fisher

Andrew Fisher

Andric Fisher

Bryce Fisher

Celina Fisher

Danielle Fisher

Erin Fisher

Janet Fisher

Jesse Fisher III

Joshua Fisher

Pholana Fisher

Ryan Fisher

Shane Fisher

Sonny Fisher

Dawn Flagler

Rochele Flood

Diana Flores

Monika Gilchrist

William Gilcrist

Sean Goligoski

Luis Gomez

Trinidad Gonzales

Danielle Gonzalez

Monica Gonzalez

Jacob Goodman

Gloria Gorman

Allegra Graves

Anna Graves

Alexandra Harper

Ashley Harper

Brandon Harper

Dunstan Harper

Glenna Harper

Toni Harper

Douglas Herrin

James Herrin

William Herrin

Taixa Hiatt

Nina Hickman

Ronnie Hickman, III

Bridget Hill

Erica Hill

Shuron Hill

Donald Hock

Dorita Holmes

Selah Holmes

Franklin Howard

Marshal Howard

Kenneth Hull

Alyssa Humeumptewa

Becky Hunter

Eric Hunter

Michael Ingole Jr.

Rose Ingole

Georgette Isaac

Brian James

Gregory Joe

Malia Johnson

Mickey Johnson

Larain Kabatoney

Jamake Kahn

Jeffrey Kellywood Jr.

Devin Leivas

Myrtle Leivas

Nina Leivas

Stefanie Leon

Lisa Logan

William Ludington

Dava Macias

Esperancita Macias

Paulette Mahkewa

Nichol Mark

Blaine Martin

Blair Martin

Jonell Martin

Sage Martin-Short

Marissa Martinez

Nicholas Martinez

Melvin Mc Craney Jr.

Marvin McCabe

Marvin McCabe, Jr.

Michael McCarthy

Muhart McCord

Clara McDonald

William Mike

Gerald Mike, Jr.

Erika Milazzo

Michael Milazzo

Jacqueline Mitchell

Joshua Moore

Courtney Morales

Michael Morris

Tenelle Moses

Fabian Munoz

Nathaniel Nash

Zoe Nastal

Sarah Neel

Bailee Nelson

Tristan Nelson

Kevin Nez

Richard Nez

Roberta Nez

Deone Nopah

Loren Nopah

Carlo Norton

Juan Olivares Jr

Fawna Pablo

Christina Pablo-Trevino

Cornell Patch

Myles Patch

Anthony Payton

Lester Gormen Payton

Lester Kairan Payton

Cheyenne Peeler

Carlos Perez Jr.

Mischelle Pintor

Skeet Polacca

Phillip Poolaw

Ivan Rasho

Rebecca Rios

Richard Rivera

Nicholas Robertson

Isaac Romo

Manuel Romo Jr.

Sarah Rosal

Lawrence Russell

Ouray Russell

Abraham Salgado

Raymond Salgado Jr.

Gerhardt Schable

Dennis Scott

Kyle Scott

Lainee Scott

Landon Scott

Wanda Scott

Phillip Sekaquaptewa

Tiffany Serrano

Talishsa Seviera

Bradley Sharp

Gregory Sharp

Jessica Sharp

Lynette Sharp

Shawnah Sharp

Mariah Sharpe

Stanley Shirley

Trixy Shirley

Dorinda Short

Georgina Short

Desmond Short, III

Desmond Short, Jr.

Celeste Silva

Dyan Silva

Phillip Silva

Michael Simms

Rebecca Simms

Ryan Smith

Socorro Iliana Smith

Rhonda Sorrells

Alfonso Soto IV

Trent Sowsonicut

Paulette Spencer

Mary Stanley

Roger Stanley

Thane Stanley

Shona Stevens

Arlen Stevens, III

Jeffrey Stewart

Jaylynn Stillman

Joseph Stone

Leanne Stone

Quincy Stone

Winter Fawn Stone

Christian Strange

Tarren Sutch

Adam Swick

Daniell Swick

De Alva Swick

Christopher Tahbo

Fawn Tahbo

Melissa Tahbo

Loren Tahbo, Sr.

Edna Tarin

Je'lynn Tiberi-Ramos

Michael Torres

Angel Townsend

Alex Tsosie

Paige Turner

Dietta Twyford

Gabriel Uribe

Manuel Valencia

Eileen Valenzuela

Sabrina Valenzuela

Tammy Vasquez

Matthew Voeltz

George Wagner, Jr.

Dottie Walker

Michael Webb Jr.

Raymond Webb- Seviera

J-Shon Welsh

Stephen Welsh

Wilhelmina Welsh

Alvina Welsh

Adam Wesson

Clyde Williams

Hugh Williams

Shade Williams

Sonnett Williams

David Wilson

Donald Wilson

Janine Wilson

Adam Yava

John Yazzie


Notice from the Colorado River Indian Tribes Office of the Attorney General:
At the Special Meeting held on June 8, 2017, Tribal Council enacted amendments to the Domestic Relations Code to include
Article 4: Paternity and Maternity.  The Amendments enacted a paternity code and reserved a section for a maternity code should
Tribal Council choose to enact a maternity code at a later date.  The paternity code governs paternity actions in the tribal court,
which seek to establish who the legal father of a child is.  A finding of paternity can be used for tribal enrollment, child support,
custody, and inheritance rights of the child. Prior to its passage, a public hearing was held on September 21, 2016 where the
Office of the Attorney General accepted written and verbal comments and answered questions on the Code.  Comments were
also solicited from the Department of Health and Social Services, Legal Aid, and the Courts.  A work session was held with Tribal
Council on February 13, 2017.  Prior to this amendment, the Tribal Court applied Arizona paternity law to cases in the court as no
CRIT law existed regarding paternity and maternity cases.  If you have any questions regarding these amendments, please contact
LeeAnne Kane at the Office
of the Attorney General at 
(928) 669-1271.  The Paternity and Maternity Code will be in effect thirty (30) days from the date of its passage, on July 8, 2017 and will be available on the CRIT website.

Colorado River Indian Tribes Chairman Dennis Patch responds to Desert Sun article.

Valley Voice: Desert projects must respect rights of ancestral peoples

Original article:


Colorado River Indian Tribes Councilwoman Amelia Flores promotes Tribes' Water Fallowing program in Tucson.
To save water, some Arizona farms temporarily cut production





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