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CRIT Tribal Council and Administration

Herman "TJ" Laffoon
Tribal Council Member

Herman TJ Laffoon rejoined the CRIT Tribal Council in February after prevailing over seven other candidates to fill a spot vacated in a recall election.

Laffoon has served on the Tribal Council for more than 16 years. He said his priorities will be to work with the new Tribal Council members on key issues and to focus on economic development opportunities, including ones that would tap federal economic stimulus dollars.

Laffoon submitted a written statement to the Manataba Messenger shortly after his election, which read as follows:

I would like to express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to my community whom I have dedicated to serve unconditionally. Your trust and confidence in me comes at a time when change is echoed from our government leaders, right down to our own community. I have heard your message and will do my very best to carry on the mission with hard work and integrity to better serve our community.

There are economic opportunities that would benefit our reservation that need to be pursued with planning and hard work.

We also need to work within our community and on the state and national level to accomplish these goals.

Meetings and discussions on our issues and the impact of the present economic downturn will open doors for us in the future.

We have met with Senator John McCain to discuss our issues. We have met with the State Land Commission and relieved a positive outlook on new lands and opportunities for development. We travelled to Washington, D.C. to meet with our representatives and were honored to meet with President Obamas Native American Liaison, Jodi A. Gillette.

These types of meetings and discussions will open doors for our future projects. We must be well versed on opportunities and work together to move the progress of our reservation forward.

My mission has always been and will continue to be one with an open door policy for new ideas that will better serve our community with special emphasis on our elders, our children and our veterans.

There is no task too big or too small that with your support we cant accomplish. Once again I thank you for your support.

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