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Senator Kyl visits CRIT, meets with council...
January 16, 2006

Discusses key issues with Tribal leaders and receives appreciation for his work on La Paz Lands restoration issue

U.S. Senator Jon Kyl visited the CRIT reservation in late December and met with the Tribal Council about important issues facing CRIT members.

It was a rare visit for a sitting U.S. senator, but Kyl had shown awareness of CRIT issues through his support of the restoration of the La Paz Lands last year. He has also been profiled in a previous issue of the Manataba Messenger.

For his efforts in supporting CRIT on the issue, Kyl received a plaque of appreciation from the Tribal Council at a ceremony in Tribal Council Chambers.

He also met with the Tribal Council and discussed several key issues on the federal level that have an effect on CRIT Tribal members, including:

  • Rehabilitation of the Tribal irrigation system, which is run by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. There is a backlog of repairs needed to the system, which CRIT is trying to expedite.

  • Creating a way for Tribal veterans to access Veterans Administration services at the Parker Indian Hospital. Right now, veterans have to travel to Prescott or Phoenix for such services.
  • Kyl listened to Tribal concerns and pledged to do what he could to address them.

  • Tribal Chairman Daniel Eddy Jr. said the Tribal Council appreciated Kyl's visit and hopes the senator will continue to work on behalf of the people of CRIT.
"We were pleased to have the opportunity to welcome Senator Kyl to the CRIT reservation. He did a great service for our people last year by supporting our efforts to regain the La Paz Lands," Eddy Jr. said.

"We are grateful that he took the time to visit with us and hear some of our concerns and ideas for the future."

It was Kyl's first visit to the CRIT Reservation. Previously, Senator John McCain had visited the reservation, as had former senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell from Colorado, who was one of the first Native Americans elected to federal office. The late Senator Barry Goldwater visited when he was in office as well.

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