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CRIT Closes Portions of Reservation Because of Fire Danger
April 20, 2005

Media Asked To Assist Regarding Notice of Closures Including Large Portions of Land Along Colorado River; Fires Already Taking Their Toll on CRIT Lands
Access To Blue Water Resort & Casino, Related Activities Not Affected

PARKER, Arizona - The Colorado River Indian Tribes' Tribal Government has closed significant portions of the CRIT reservation to the public because of wildfire danger.

The closures, effective as of April 11, include the following areas:

  • The Mesquite Bosque at the Southern Reserve.

  • The east side of Mohave Road, from the southern end of Kudu Farms to the southern boundary of the reservation.

  • All undeveloped areas along the Colorado River, except for the Ahakhav Preserve.

The closures will not affect access to or enjoyment of the Blue Water Resort & Casino.

The closures include both the Arizona and California sides of the CRIT reservation. Individuals who have cattle in the closure areas and beekeepers with hives in these areas will be notified but allowed to keep their animals in place.

Individuals with fishing and hunting permits for the closed areas will not be allowed in the areas, and will be cited and fined if caught trespassing. The only camping permits allowed will be for the 12-Mile Lake area of the reservation.

CRIT law enforcement personnel will be closing roads and posting signs at entrances to the affected areas.

The CRIT reservation has already been victim to several wildfires this spring, as heavy winter rains have created a large amount of dry grass and brush. The closures are designed to prevent further wildfires from affecting homes, farms, Tribal lands and culturally important stands of mesquite trees, which are sacred to the Tribe.

Members and visitors with questions about the closures should contact the CRIT Fish & Game Department at (928) 669-9285.

A map showing areas that have been closed for wildfire prevention is below. For more information please contact Eric Shepard at (928) 669-1271.

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