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New facility to help with health...
June 2, 2006

CRIT members are about to have a significant new resource available to them to improve their overall health and fight diabetes and other diseases.

The CRIT Diabetes Prevention Project is opening a new fitness facility in early June that will be open and free of charge to all Tribal members. At 6,600 square feet, it will be more than three times larger than the current CRIT fitness facility.

The new facility, a Tribal Council priority which was funded by a federal Health and Human Services grant for the Diabetes Program, is located on First Avenue between the Bureau of Indian Affairs building and the CRIT Alcohol & Substance Abuse Program.

It will be the home of more than 40 different fitness stations including a variety of new fitness machines. There will be 24 strength training machines and 20 cardiovascular exercise machines, which is a significant increase from what was available at the old facility.

“This gives the community a greater opportunity to utilize the facility and work on obtaining a healthier lifestyle,” said Doris Burns, Manager of the CRIT Diabetes Prevention Program. “People couldn’t exercise when they wanted to because we didn’t have enough machines before. Now we have a better selection of exercise machines to choose from.”

The cardio stations include such modern equipment as elliptical training machines, treadmills, stationary bikes and stair machines.

The facility also includes a multipurpose room for exercise and health classes, as well as a full demonstration kitchen to teach CRIT members how to prepare healthier meals. It also has locker rooms for Tribal members to use when exercising.

The center’s target grand opening date is June 8. For more information, call the Diabetes Prevention Project at (928) 669-8090.

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