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June 16, 2008

The CRIT Library/Archives provides Tribal and surrounding community members access books and DVDs for lending, computer classes Internet access and history and cultural awareness programs. The Archives serves as a central research center consisting of primary and secondary documents, microfilm microfiche, photographs, video audiotapes.

CRIT Library/Archives are seeking a design to be used as the logo for the CRIT Library/Archives 50TH Anniversary Celebration. The celebration will be held in October in conjunction with National Indian Days.

The design for the Library/Archive logo should represent the core theme of the services provided to the members of the Reservation and should also embody the Tribes rich cultural heritage of its people and land The lettering CRIT LIBRARY/ARCHIVES 50TH ANNIVERSARY (either lower case or capital lettering) in certain part of logo is preferred.

Submissions are to be on A-4 size paper and the techniques applied should be suitable for dissemination and reproduction through plane 3D or electronic means.

An award of $150 is given to the design that is selected as the logo and entitles CRIT Library/Archives the right to use, reproduce, develop, revise and endorse the logo.

Deadline date: JULY 28, 2008 AT 5:00PM

If you are interested, please contact for more information:
Jonna Esquerra, Planning Committee Member
928-669-1377 or 928-916-7440

Entries can be submitted at:
Colorado River Indian Tribes Library
26600 Mohave Road
Parker, AZ 85344
(928) 669-1332

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