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Vacancies open on CRIT Boards, Committees, and Commissions
October 13, 2008

Valerie Welsh-Tahbo, Tribal Secretary
(928) 669-1223/ 669-1215 (fax)/
Email: or

Per action of the Tribal Council, April 12, 2008, advertisement is to begin each October for appointments to be made for various vacancies in December and commencement of respective terms in January.


1. Must be a Tribal Member
2. Must be 21 years of age or older
3. Must reside on or within the exterior boundaries of the CRIT reservation.
4. Cannot be an employee or work in any capacity for the department or enterprise that the Committee or Board oversees.
5. Must have knowledge or related experience suitable for service on the Committee or Board he/she is applying for.
6. Must complete the Committee/Board member application available at the CRIT Administration Office.
7. Federal government employees must have written approval form their respective employer to sit on a CRIT Committee or Board.
8. Shall be subject to the standard hiring practices of the Tribe, including background Checks and drug screenings.

DEADLINE FOR 2009 VACANCIES IS: DECEMBER 5, 2008; 5:00 PM; Tribal Administration


Irrigation ~ 1, annually appointed
Big River Development Enterprise ~ 1 three year term
Business Enterprise Board ~ 2 three year term
CRIT Farm Board ~ 2 three year term
Board of Education ~ 2 two year term
Health Board ~ 3 two year term
Liquor Control Board ~ 2 two year term
               1 alternate, two year term
Parks & Recreation Committee ~ 2 two year term
               1 alternate, two year term
Pesticide Control Board ~ 3 two year terms
TERO Board of Commissioners ~ 3 three year terms
AD Hoc Cemetery Committee ~ undefined/to be determined.

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