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Wal-Mart breaks ground on center
October 17, 2008

Construction beginning with estimated timeline of one year; opening late '09

Wal-Mart has broken ground on its new shopping center in Parker, and construction activities are ramping up. The CRIT Tribal Council has approved the signage for the Wal-Mart shopping center in Parker, as well as a permit to allow a construction fence to be built around the site. Wal-Mart typically has an 8-9 month construction timeframe, but no specific timeframe has been given for the Parker center. Wal-Mart signed its lease with CRIT and began sending lease payments to the Tribes earlier this year. The new shopping center will be located across from the Safeway Center on Highway 95. "We're getting closer and closer to a grand opening date on this important shopping center," said Tribal Chairman Daniel Eddy, Jr. "We still believe strongly that this center will be an important asset to our community." As proposed, the new store will be about 100,000 square feet and include groceries and general merchandise. The center will include a variety of other stores as well. CRIT will be leasing the other parts of the property so that it has control over the types of businesses that come into the community and can secure the revenue streams created from those stores. Wal-Mart will account for 11 acres of the 23-acre shopping center site. CRIT will control the other 12 acres. "It's a significant opportunity for CRIT to generate revenue for Tribal services and new jobs for Tribal members," Eddy Jr. said. In addition to creating more shopping choices for area residents and tribal members, the economic impact and job creation from the shopping center will be substantial. The new Wal-Mart store will create an estimated 200 new jobs and up to $400,000 per year in sales tax revenue for CRIT, which will help fund youth, elder and other important Tribal programs.

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