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BlueWater remodeling drawing to a close
December 7, 2007

Most construction will be finished in December with many improvements

Work is being completed on some significant renovations to the BlueWater Resort & Casino, ones which had resulted in the shutting down of several parts of the facility.

In Spring 2007, the entire west wing of the hotel portion of the facility was shut down for repairs and remodeling. That work was completed this summer.

More recently, the east wing of the resort, as well as the resort’s swimming pool, were closed to the public for repairs and remodeling.

Work on the swimming pool was particularly extensive, and included addressing some mechanical and waterproofing issues.

The east wing and the pool area should be reopened by the start of 2008.

The work is being done in large part to address deficiencies in the construction of the resort that were the subject of a lawsuit CRIT filed against the original construction contractor.

That lawsuit resulted in a financial settlement that is paying for the cost of the repairs.

It is also giving CRIT an opportunity to remodel and update portions of the eight-year-old facility to make it look as fresh and as up-to-date as possible.

“These repairs and upgrades will make sure we have a facility that is as modern and well-constructed as possible,” said Tribal Chairman Daniel Eddy, Jr.

“We have always been committed to making the BlueWater Resort & Casino a first-class facility for visitors, and these updates and upgrades will ensure it will be that way for many years to come.”

Work will continue on the facility throughout 2008 as well, but the upcoming projects will not have the same kind of impact as this year’s work has had on the everyday operations of the resort.

Any closures of areas resulting from upcoming work should be isolated and limited to shorter amounts of time.

Planned work in 2008 includes repairs and upgrades to the facility’s roof and other areas that are out of the public’s way.

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