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The Colorado River Indian Tribes Reservation. Amazing Native American ruins, paintings and museums. The world-famous Colorado River. Jet ski. Water ski. Even dock your boat for a stay at the award-winning BlueWater Resort & Casino’s marina. Enjoy a concert, nature preserve or golf at Emerald Canyon, one of the finest landscapes in the state. And if it's history you want, visit the memorial to the World War II Japanese internment camp. Think you've seen it all? Not until you see all of this!


Calendar of Events 2016                                                             Area Code 928




CRIT Establishment Day

Mar. 3


CRIT Earth Day                                             

April 23, 2016


MEGA THROW XII                    

Mar. 18-19, 2016


CRIT Annual Easter Egg Hunt    

March 26, 2016


CRIT Royalty Pageant              

First weekend of Oct.


CRIT Native American Days Fair & Expo  

First weekend of Oct.


CRIT Halloween Festival              
CRIT Veteran's Day Services                        
CRIT Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner 150th Annual Commemoration Fall Gathering CRIT Christmas Spectacular              
CRIT Annual Toys 4 Tots Toy Give-Away
CRIT Flag Day Ceremony  

Oct. 23                    
Nov. 11
Nov. 21
Nov. 21
Dec. 19
Dec. 19
Jan. 5


BlueWater Resort & Casino and the Colorado River
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The BlueWater Resort & Casino is a state-of-the-art gaming resort, including more than 200 hotel rooms with views of the Colorado River. The resort includes a casino with more than 450 slot machines, Keno, Blackjack and many other gaming opportunities. It also has several restaurants, a conference center and a multi-screen movie theater. Major national acts perform frequently at the resort's amphitheater. The BlueWater Resort & Casino is a great launching point for enjoyment of recreation opportunities on the Colorado River. The resort has a 160-dock marina, and is just one of dozens of locations where those interested in river recreation can enjoy what the Colorado River has to offer.

Ahakhav Preserve

The 'Ahakhav Tribal Preserve was established in 1995 and currently consists of 1,253 acres of wilderness area and a 3.5 acre park. The preserve is centered around a reconstructed Colorado River backwater, which offers a variety of activities including fishing, canoeing, birding, and swimming. The preserve also maintains a 4.6 mile fitness trail as well as playground and picnic facilities located in the park. The preserve serves many purposes. One is to provide recreational and learning opportunities to the surrounding community as well as visitors. The other is to serve as a revegetation area for endangered and threatened plants and animals native to the Lower Colorado River Basin. The Lower Colorado is an area that faces many problems, from damming that causes changes in natural stream flow, to a variety of invasive species. The preserve is an ongoing project to study methods of revegetation and restoration that may be used though out the area.

Poston Monument

This Memorial Monument marks the site of the Poston War Relocation Center where 17,867 persons of Japanese ancestry, the majority of whom were United States citizens were interned during World War II from May 1942 to November 1945. All persons of Japanese descent living on west coast farms, businesses, towns, cities, and states were forcibly evacuated by the United States military on the grounds that they posed a threat to (he national security. This massive relocation was authorized by Executive Order 9066, signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on February 19, 1942. This Memorial is dedicated to all those men, women and children who suffered countless hardships and indignities at the hands of a nation misguided by wartime hysteria, racial prejudice and fear. May it serve as a constant reminder of our past so that Americans in the future will never again be denied their Constitutional rights and may the remembrance of that experience serve to advance the evolution of the human spirit.

Blythe Intaglios

The Blythe Intaglios were discovered In 1931 by an airplane pilot but their dates of origin, purpose, meaning, and who created them remains a mystery. They could be more than 1,000 years old but are probably 200 years old. They could have been made by Mohave Indians; however, present day Mohave disclaim any knowledge of their origin. Centuries ago Indians living in the Great Colorado River Valley created gigantic figures the grounds surface for reasons unknown to modern man. The figures are known to archaeologist as "Intaglios" (In tal yoe), an Italian term which refers to an engraving art process. This type of antiquity is very uncommon worldwide. The Intaglios known to exist in this continent are In the desert southwest and most of those are near the Colorado River. The Blythe Intaglios are located approximately 15 miles north of Blythe, California.



      CRIT Museum

The CRIT Museum is committed to protecting and safeguarding tribal antique collections either stored or displayed and educating tribal members, the community and tourists about the Colorado River Indian tribal history and as a resource for departments, CRIT enterprises and organizations. The Museum houses a gift shop that provides tribal artisans a venue to showcase their wares and crafts to purchase. They also have craft supplies, jewelry, traditional accessories, books and dvds. More...


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