Avi Suquilla Airport (KP20)

Joshua Phillips, Airport Manager
Phone (928) 669-2168
Fax (928) 669-8928

"For fuel prices and hours call (928) 669-2168 and press 2 immediately when the phone answers."
"For all other pricing, call (928) 669-2168 and press 6 immediately when the phone answers."

The airport is open for flight operations 24/7.
Pilot controlled lighting on CTAF 122.725 3X - 5X - 7X.
Pilot's lounge is open 0830 - 1700 MST, 7 days.
Airport Administration is open 0830 - 1700 MST Mon - Fri.

Beginning September 1, 2004, the rate of tax imposed is 2 percent, and is authorized under Section 20-5104.

For a Hangar, Tie Down and Parking Permit form for Avi Suquilla Airport, click here.

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