CRIT Employment Development & Training Program

Kim Booth, Director
Phone (928) 669-8555
Fax (928) 669-6085
Open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed on holidays.

VACANT, Program Coordinator
Tami Anderson, Case Manager
Bethany Stillman, Office Manager

Through the Department of Labor, the Department of Economic Security and the Colorado River Indian Tribes, the EDT offices offer a program for employment. The Employment Development & Training office offers services to qualified Tribal members of the Colorado River Indian Tribes.

Mission Statement:

“The Colorado River Indian Tribes is promoting the general welfare, safeguard our interest, encourage educational progress, conserve and develop our lands and resources, secure all privileges and powers offered to us, and spread the message of freedom and liberty and justice for ourselves and our children.”

The One-Stop

Northern Arizona University School of Hotel and Restaurant Management partnered with the CRIT Employment Development & Training Department to showcase new distance-learning technology. The partnership offers the hospitality course from NAU's HRM to the Tribes on the CRIT reservation.

StarBand Communications, Inc. installed satellite-delivered, wireless, high-speed Internet access for Tribal students. The classes provided by NAU through this distance technology will allow our people to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to successfully pursue career opportunities right here without leaving our community.

A computer lab was designed and set up for students to enter training for basic education, GED preparation, typing skills, computer courses, and Internet access for researching information. Each student who requires computerized courses schedules their time around other activities that may hinder their attendance. The Computer Lab can be utilized by many job-seeking individuals. The lab consists of 14 computers connected through a local area network. Each workstation has Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, Front Page, an Arizona CIS Interest Profiler, and other applications that would aid in career building. The computer lab hours coincide with the office hours.

Online services (Internet access) are available for information on partner programs, on-line applications for partner programs, employer self-entry job openings, being able to search for applications, linkages to partners program websites and how to self-refer, resume software, training and retraining information including performance and cost information on training providers, unemployment insurance access by phone, and labor market information.

The CRIT One-Stop Service Center is considered an electronic one-stop site for the Native Americans of Arizona. The CRIT One-Stop Service center is one of the Nineteen Tribal Nationals Workforce Investment Act Service Centers. For more information, visit

At the Colorado River Indian Tribes, we look forward to gaining more information through technology in education and employment.

The CRIT EDT Department offers other services with:
Title I of WIA Adults
Title I of WIA Youth
Title I of WIA Dislocated Workers
Job Service
Unemployment Insurance
Trade Adjustment Assistance
NAFTA Transitional Adjustment Assistance
Veterans Employment and Training
Vocational Rehabilitation
Job Corps
Senior Community Services Employment
Adult Education and Literacy
Postsecondary Vocational Education
CSBG Employment and Training Services
Native American Programs
Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers

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