CRIT Legal Aid Department

Director VACANT
Receptionist/Conflict Clerk
Tiffany Casares

Office Hours: Monday-Friday
8AM- 5PM

26600 Mohave Road
Parker, AZ 85344
"Our offices are located inside Irataba Hall, through the double-doors facing the Tribal Offices and CRIT Library."
Phone (928) 669-1268
Fax (928) 669-5241


To obtain any of the services listed below through the Legal Aid Department, all you need to do is submit one of the forms to the right (all in PDF format), depending on the type of assistance needed. The completed form may be submitted by mail, fax or e-mail to the CRIT Legal Aid Department at the information to the left, or you may drop it off at the Legal Aid Office.

PLAN AHEAD!!! C.R.I.T. Distribution will be coming up in December, and if you or someone in your family need a Power of Attorney drawn up (to pick up, and/or cash a distribution check) – avoid the rush and come to get it done before the distribution days! For more information, come to the Legal Aid department to fill out an application. Our offices are located in the Gymnasium through the double-doors facing the Tribal Government Complex and the C.R.I.T. Library. Please remember to bring photo ID's. 

         General Intake Form
Dissolution of Marriage Intake Form
Paternity Intake Forms
Power of Attorney (P.O.A.)
Durable Healthcare Intake Form
Probate Intake Form
Guardianship and Conservatorship Intake Form
Child In Need of Care (CINC) Intake Form
Estate Planning Intake Form
Restrainingg Order Info Sheet
Name Change Intake Form

Child Custody Revised Intake Forms

The CRIT Legal Aid Department provides legal services for enrolled CRIT tribal members and those eligible for enrollment with CRIT.

The type of assistance available includes:

Domestic Relations
Includes divorce, custody, paternity, adoption, and child support enforcement both in Tribal Court or County Superior Court, and governed by Tribal or State laws.

Juvenile/Child In Need Of Care
Includes representation of either juveniles who are wards of the court or their parents — governed by Tribal law.

Includes wills, will contests, probate — will appear in Tribal Court or before BIA Administrative Law Judge, governed by Tribal or Federal Indian law.

Restraining Orders/Domestic Violence
Will appear in Tribal Court, County Superior Court, City Justice Court or City Magistrate Court — governed by Tribal or State law or City ordinances/law.
Restraining Order Information Sheet

Includes eviction on an off reservation, Tribal Housing matters, and rental contract disputes — will appear in Tribal Court, County Superior Court or before Housing Board, and governed by Tribal, State or Federal law.

School Issues
Includes Tribal children expelled or suspended from school or children who are being harassed or mistreated at school — will appear before school Hearing Officer or School Board, governed by School District policies and regulations or State law.

Debtor/Creditor Issues
Includes vehicle repossessions, loan payment disputes, and debt collections. May appear in court but usually negotiate or settle matters through meetings and document evaluation and review. Governed by Tribal, State and Federal law.

Appear in Federal Bankruptcy Court, governed by Federal and State law specific to bankruptcy.

Includes representing guardian or ward, adult or minor — will appear in Tribal or County Superior Court, governed by Tribal or state law.


Employment grievances by Tribal members against employer. May be governed by Tribal Employee Handbook, Gaming Employee Handbook or Police Department Employee Handbook. May also include issues to be litigated in Tribal Court.

Personal Injury
Includes injury through traffic accident, in local businesses, on reservation, etc. Will appear in Tribal, County Superior Court or Federal District Court, governed by Tribal, State or Federal law.

Breach of Contract
Includes breach of all kinds of contracts, i.e. construction contracts, installation contracts, consumer contracts, rental contracts, personal loan contracts, etc. Will appear in Tribal or County Superior Court, governed by Tribal or State law.

Miscellaneous and Advice/Negotiation
Includes representation for Tribal members on many matters — traffic ticket dispute, vehicle repair dispute, property damage, pre-nuptial agreement dispute, name change, vehicle title dispute, driver’s license suspension if non-criminal, disputes regarding government benefits, assistance with small claim preparation, etc. Will appear in Tribal or County Superior Court, governed by Tribal or State law.

Includes representing Tribal members with issues of state tax, federal tax, unpaid taxes, tax levies against wages, etc. Usually settled or negotiated with revenue agencies, governed by State or Federal tax law.

Social Security Disability
Represent clients before Social Security Administration, governed by Federal Social Security laws.

Workers Compensation
Represent clients before State Workers Compensation Board, governed by State Workers Compensation laws.

Unemployment Benefits
Represent clients before State Unemployment Board, governed by State unemployment laws.

In a case where a conflict of interest for the Legal Aid Department is determined, a referral is made to an attorney who practices in Tribal Court or in the particular jurisdiction.

The following agencies are also available to provide legal assistance:

Free Legal Services in Arizona:
California Indian Legal Services:

For more information, contact Colorado River Indian Tribes Legal Aid Department, at (928) 669-1268.

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