Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO)

26600 Mohave Road
Parker, Arizona 85344

Ms. Theo De La Rosa, Director

Nicole Valero, Compliance Officer

Phone: (928) 669-1380 or 1390

TERO Commission Members:

Jesse Garza
Richard Dillon Esquerra
Roxanne Robledo

1. What is the purpose of the Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO)?

The Colorado River Indian Tribes (Tribe) enacted a Labor Code, Article 1 - Tribal Employment Rights (Code) which authorized the creation of the TERO Commission to better regulate the employment practices of the Tribe and other employers and contractors conducting business on the reservation. The TERO provides a number of services which include matching qualified applicants from the Tribe to career opportunities on the Reservation and investigating complaints regarding employment practices.

2. How do I know whether or not my business needs to file an Employer Compliance Plan with the TERO?
The Code authorizes the TERO to administer the provisions of the Code, including keeping records of jobs performed within the boundaries of the Colorado River Indian Reservation. All employers or contractors conducting business within the Colorado River Reservation, including the Tribal government and all its programs, departments, and chartered entities or enterprises; private employers and independent contractors and subcontractors, including those performing work for the Tribe, any State Government, or the United States, are required to file an Employer Compliance Plan with the TERO.

If you are conducting business as an employer or contractor within the Colorado River Indian Reservation, you must file the Employer Compliance Plan with the TERO office.

Contractors and Sub-contractors Letter
Employer Compliance Plan Pg. 1
Employer Compliance Plan Pg. 2
Sub-contractor Compliance Plan Pg.1
Sub-contractor Compliance Plan Pg.2


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